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Website Design
& Implementation

IGME-230 / Fall 2018

Design Document, Part 2
(Week 4, Thursday 9/20)

Meet with your group to review the first part of your design documents. Then start work on the remainder of the document.

Due: By start of class on Thursday, 9/20.

Structure: Information Architecture

It’s unlikely this site will involve many branching interactions, so you don’t need to do any interaction design flowcharts for this site. You should, however, create a diagram showing what pages you expect to have on the site (the information architecture). It should reflect the content that you identified in the Scope section. Add the flowchart to your document.

Skeleton: Wireframe

Wireframes will show the general grid and organization of your pages. What will the home page contain, and how will it be laid out? What about the contact page? Individual content pages? Create a wireframe using the tool of your choice (which can include paper), and incorporate it into your document. (It can be an exported image, or a photograph).

Surface: Mockups

Once all of the other components are complete, you can use those to start creating mockups for your site. Mockups should should clearly show your initial visual design plan for the site, including layout, color schemes and typography choices.

Submitting Your Work

A draft of the document should be submitted to your group's Slack channel no later than the start of class on Thursday, September 27.